Policy Brief on Energy Performance Certificates

CHRONICLE is part of the Next Gen EPC Cluster, which has brought together an overview of projects' policy recommendations to enhance and streamline the advancement of EPCs, with the goal of making them more accessible, cost-effective and centred around human needs.
EPC Policy Brief

“Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) have improved incrementally since their introduction; nevertheless, they need to become more reliable and visible, with easy-to-understand information, to fully realise their benefits. EPCs could help overcome persistent information deficits concerning, for example, real energy performance, smartness levels, tailored renovation measures, indoor and outdoor environment conditions. Additionally, they should provide financial advice for renovation and empower policymakers with better data on the building stock, thus enabling an improved impact monitoring of policies and financial support schemes.”

The policy brief has been developed by the Next Gen EPCs cluster which CHRONICLE is part of, and created under the coordination of the Horizon Results Booster consortium. It provides an overview of the projects’ policy recommendations on how to evolve and implement the next generation of EPC products and services. You can download the document here:

EPBD Recast Policy Brief: Next Gen EPCs

CHRONICLE at the Smart Readiness Indicator joint event  | 7 March 2024 | Hybrid

CHRONICLE at the Smart Readiness Indicator joint event  | 7 March 2024 | Hybrid

The Smart Readiness Indicator joint event was a unique opportunity to discuss the smart readiness of European buildings. Expert talks featured speakers representing building professionals, asset managers, regulators, assessors and others exchanging on the building smartness streamlining. The subsequent panel discussion dealt with the technical frameworks and procedural intricacies of the SRI Audit procedure.

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