Humans have needs.

Buildings too.

But how do we know what our homes need, if they cannot talk?
We give buildings a voice through CHRONICLE!

CHRONICLE is an EU-funded research and innovation project developing building performance digitalisation and dynamic logbooks for future value-driven services.



Pilot Sites



CHRONICLE is a 3.5-year Horizon Europe project (2022-2025) that aims to improve building performance in order to increase energy efficiency, comfort and well-being. We aim to deliver a holistic framework for assessing the life-cycle performance for different building variants. We support the sustainable design of new and existing construction projects by focusing on efficient renovation procedures and investment decision-making processes.


The CHRONICLE project is a collaboration between 18 partners in 8 countries across the EU. We are a group of companies, NGO’s, universities and associations that work with technological development, innovation and housing-related fields. We have 5 pilot sites (Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Greece and Switzerland) which serve as locations to test, demonstrate and validate the developed framework and toolset.


We strive to find ways to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions during the whole life cycle of a building. We want to improve building performance in order to meet sustainability targets, and to make residents more comfortable at home. To achieve this, we will develop digital tools to measure and improve the building performance. The tools will help to monitor energy consumption and to develop more sustainable, cost-effective, long-term maintenance and renovation plans.

Latest News & Events

CHRONICLE at Sustainable Places | 23-25 Sept 2024

CHRONICLE at Sustainable Places | 23-25 Sept 2024

Sustainable Places is Europe’s number 1 destination for EU research collaboration and market opportunities. We will be part of the Building Renovation Workshop ‘Unlocking the Renovation Wave: Deep-renovation solutions developed by EU-funded projects’.

Article: Digital Transformation in the Building Sector – Survey Insights

Article: Digital Transformation in the Building Sector – Survey Insights

In this article, we present the findings from a survey with professional stakeholders in the building industry. We wanted to understand their experience of digital tools used in their work, and their opinion of the proposed tools that we will develop in the CHRONICLE project. Here is a brief overview of the findings.

Pilot Sites

The CHRONICLE framework and tool-set will be tested, demonstrated and validated in the following 5 pilot sites:


La Sosta Retirement Home


Ó Cualann Affordable Homes


Aspra Spitia Settlement


Herning Social Housing


Ecce Homo Social Housing

Project Partners

Project Partners
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Our hope is that, soon, all buildings will be well equipped
to communicate with us what they need,
towards a more sustainable future!