Life-cycle Framework

The CHRONICLE team will deliver a holistic, life-cycle performance assessment framework and toolset for different building variants, thereby supporting the sustainable design of new and existing construction projects, efficient renovation procedures, and investment decision making processes.


Integrated intelligence

Already implemented building performance tools will be methodologically integrated in a ‘Digital Building Logbook’. Examples of such tools could be dynamic EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) and SRI (Smart Readiness Indicator).

Key Performance Indicators

Building performance will be assessed by means of well-defined KPIs, based on static building design information as well as dynamic sensor measurements. KPIs will be appropriately tailored the use of the building, whether the building is new or existing, and the stage of the building’s lifecycle.

Digital Twin Framework

The continuous monitoring and analysis of actual building performance over a building’s lifetime will be based on the powerful digital twin framework. CHRONICLE will extend the limits of EU energy related policies regarding data availability and accessibility, while also facilitating efficient energy planning with aggregated EPC advanced information.

Awareness of energy consumption

CHRONICLE will allow all involved stakeholders to realize the long- and short-term impacts of a project in quantified terms, along a building’s lifecycle. In this way, CHRONICLE will promote evidence-based impact assessment practices which support policy coherence, the design of smart penalties, and reward schemes towards motivating energy consciousness.


CHRONICLE considers all market stakeholders, including architects, engineers, construction managers (AECs), energy service companies (ESCOs), facility managers (FMs), building owners, and building occupants.

The Project Objectives

CHRONICLE envisions the development of a holistic building performance assessment framework extending throughout all building phases. The aim of the project is to promote the transformation of existing or new buildings into the highly efficient and fully digitalized buildings of the future. The project objectives are:

Dynamic and fully digitalized processes

CHRONICLE will develop a powerful Digital Twin mechanism, accurately simulating building performance based on real-life data collected through a smart device network installed on site for the continuous monitoring of building operations.

Efficient and targeted building maintenance & renovation

CHRONICLE will deliver a suite of tools which will enable different stakeholders to monitor and maintain their building in a proactive manner and create a renovation roadmap tailored to their building’s needs increasing the effectiveness of the selected interventions while reducing financial risks.

Performance assessment beyond energy

The building performance evaluation in CHRONICLE will be based primarily on its energy consumption but further investigate a wide selection of environmental, financial, comfort, well-being, and social aspects, throughout the building lifetime.

Enhanced user experience through a set of comprehensive applications

On top of its powerful tools and calculation mechanisms, CHRONICLE will also develop comprehensive user interfaces aiming at a wide list of stakeholders, created in close cooperation with the end users through a co-design process.

Building digitalization through a data governance framework

The CHRONICLE Common Data Environment and Digital Building Logbook will provide a robust framework for secure and interoperable governance of building data and milestone information throughout the building’s lifetime.

Innovative business models

To evaluate its technological solutions and advanced services, CHRONICLE will investigate a number of use cases and applications towards defining innovative business models for the relevant stakeholders.