Herning Social Housing – Fællesbo (FB)

Social Housing
The Herning Municipality is located in the heart of Denmark, around 90 km West of Aarhus. Herning is part of the Midtjylland region, expands over an area of 1,323 km2 and is home to over 50,000 people. The local social housing company FB will participate in the project demonstration with 56 candidate dwellings in total, from two large building blocks, constructed in the 1950s. Most tenants belong to a low-income group, and apartments are suitable for singles or small families. Over 25% of the resident population is over 60 years old and in general, social challenges including health issues are frequently reported among them. Each building block has developed strong social dynamics of its own and is governed by an elected board of tenants.

Sustainable renovation

Following the municipality’s aspiration to become CO2-neutral by 2030 and 100% based on RES, the FB buildings are planned to undergo deep renovations including insulation upgrades, improvements on the DHW, HVAC and electric installation systems, smart systems installation and establishment of local RES generation in the period 2023- 2025. A total budget of 75.5MEUR is earmarked for the construction works, financed by Landsbyggefonden, an association owned by all DK social housing tenants. All planned renovation measures have been decided through a democratic process led by the board of tenants. FB staff has worked side by side with the tenants in the renovation planning process also making sure that all tenants will be re-housed in other buildings through the building renovation period. 
The benefits of these renovations include substantial reductions in energy consumption, space heating and electricity, as well as water consumption, along with significant upgrades of indoor comfort and quality of living.

Through the CHRONICLE tools, FB will assess all stages of the planned renovations, gain insights to building performance and environmental impact under different renovation scenarios and minimize the post-renovation mismatch between the predicted asset and operational rating, thanks to its human-centred digital twin. FB will also use the CHRONICLE services to evaluate potential financial risks and benefits for the renovation investment, and adopt the Facility Manager solutions to efficiently operate the buildings.