Pilot Sites

The pilot sites in Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Greece and Switzerland serve as locations to test, demonstrate and validate the usage of the framework and toolset. Each location is represented by a project partner. 

Herning Social Housing


The pilot site Herning Social Housing is managed by the company Fællesbo (FB). The site encompasses 56 dwellings in two large building blocks, constructed in the 1950s.

The Herning Municipality is located ca. 300 km from Copenhagen and ca. 90 km from Aarhus. Herning is part of the Midtjylland region, expanding over an area of 1323 km² and home to over 50,000 people.

Pilot site Herning Social Housing in Denmark

Ó Cualann Affordable Homes


The pilot site is located on the outskirts of Dublin and is managed by the Ó Cualann Cohousing Alliance, a registered charity which together with local authorities around Ireland has the mission to provide affordable housing to local resident groups. The site consists of 40 individual new homes, 5 recently renovated homes and 5 yet to be renovated homes.

Pilot site O Cualann Ireland

Ecce Homo


The pilot site Ecce Homo is located in Zaragoza and is managed by our project partner Zaragoza Vivienda (ZAVI). The site is a 26-dwelling building that has been refurbished in 2021. The goal for the pilot site is to gain energy savings for the tenants and to bring the solutions to the other 2300 social housing apartments managed by ZAVI.

Pilot site Ecce Homo in Zaragoza, Spain

Aspra Spitia Settlement


The Aspra Spitia Settlement was constructed in the 1960’s in the area of Viotia, 150 km from Athens. It is a model working class community accommodating the families of employees of the local aluminium production industry and two large power plants of Mytilineos. It was designed to be self-sufficient while ensuring high living standards for its residents. Over the years, Aspra Spitia has been expanding and today it includes 1088 dwellings and more than 3000 residents, in an area of 2,492 m².

All dwellings in the Aspra Spitia Settlement are owned by Mytilineos, our project partner, who acts as the Facility Manager.

Pilot site Aspra Spitia Settlement in Greece

La Sosta Retirement Home


La Sosta is a municipal retirement homes located in the city of Massagno, in the southern part of Switzerland. Constructed in the 1970s, the building offers homes for around 30 citizens, including common spaces such as a community center and an industrial kitchen.

Our project partner AEM is the local distribution system operator (DSO) of the area’s electricity network and the energy service company (ESCO), as the owner of the PV panels on the rooftop and the heat pump system. It also acts as the energy community manager to which La Sosta belongs.

Pilot site La Sosta in Switzerland