About the Project

CHRONICLE is a Horizon Europe, EU funded project that aims to improve building performance towards energy efficiency, comfort and well-being.

Our goal is to:

  • improve building performance in order to meet sustainability targets
  • develop more cost-effective, long-term maintenance and renovation plans
  • make the residents more comfortable

What are we planning to do?

We will develop digital tools to improve the building performance. The tools will help to monitor energy consumption, comfort, planning of renovation and maintenance, and ensuring adequate comfort of living. The goal is to establish good building practice by considering environmental, social, technical and financial aspects of living.

The digital tools will be tested in 5 countries:

We will:

  • monitor and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of buildings at the pilot sites
  • provide a digital logbook for building-related information
  • provide recommendations on optimising the building operations and notify residents when it is time for maintenance
  • provide tools to help minimise the carbon footprint of a building at the construction, renovation and operation phase
  • help renovation planning by calculating different renovation scenarios and receiving a list of indicators based on chosen parameters, including energy performance and cost

Fact Sheet

Project Name: CHRONICLE

Duration: 42 months

Dates: 01.07.2022 – 31.12.2025

Budget: ca. €6 mill. (ca. 75% EC funded)

Project Coordinator: CIRCE

Partners: 18

Pilot Sites: 5

Work Packages

WP1 Quality Assurance and Management

WP2 Holistic Building Performance Assessment Methodologies

WP3 Building Digital Twin Framework

WP4 CHRONICLE Applications for Energy and LC Performance assessment

WP5 Demonstration, Validation and Impact Assessment

WP6 Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation & Innovation

CHRONICLE is using new building information modeling (BIM) technology that enables understanding the whole life cycle of a building.
We are developing
tools and services for:

  • Monitoring building energy consumption, to ensure that the building conditions are maintained as expected
  • Monitoring building conditions, such as indoor air quality and thermal comfort
  • Detecting possible maintenance needs of building equipment
  • Having a tool for renovation planning
  • Optimising for life cycle cost and carbon emission reduction in renovations
  • Understanding the life cycle CO2 emissions of the building
  • Storing building related data and information safely in a digital building logbook