Aspra Spitia – Mytilineos

White Houses
The Aspra Spitia (literally White Houses) settlement was constructed in the 1960’s at the area of Viotia, 150km away from Athens at the Antikyra Cove. The settlement is a model working-class community accommodating the families of employees of the local aluminium production industry and two large power plants of Mytilineos. It was designed to be self-sufficient while ensuring high living standards to its residents. Over the years, Aspra Spitia has been expanding and today it spans over an area of 2,492 m2. The settlement accounts for 1,088 dwellings and more than 3,000 residents. It incorporates tertiary buildings including schools, health & public services, a cultural & sport centres, as well as numerous shops and other small businesses. Overall, Aspra Spitia has evolved to an outward community with strong social dynamics as its residents forge strong relationships within their neighbourhoods and their workspace.


All dwellings in the settlement are owned by Mytilineos who acts as a Facility Manager (FM), and is further responsible for property repairs and renovations. Additionally, Mytilineos handles all utility infrastructure in the village such as water supply, waste collection and treatment, and electricity retailing under a favourable, non-profit business model. Residential buildings in Aspra Spitia have diverse architectural characteristics. The permanent plant employees and contractor staff are only charged a symbolic rental fee as part of their remuneration package. Residents remain responsible for utility bills (water, electricity, etc.) so they have a strong incentive to improve their home’s energy efficiency, water and energy consumption.


Through this pool of diverse buildings, a selection of dwellings will act as CHRONICLE’s pilot sites including 24 apartments in a 12-storey building, 16 on-duty flats for contractor staff who do not reside permanently at the settlement. Additionally, 10 recently renovated guest houses with fully electric heating and cooling systems, at the nearby settlement of Agios Nikolaos also owned by Mytilineos, will be included in the demo activities. As owner and FM of these buildings, Mytilineos aspires to higher rating as well as a smarter and more sustainable operation for all the settlement buildings under the corporate social responsibility it adopts in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. CHRONICLE services will support and motivate end-users in improving their energy efficiency and offer actionable recommendations to the FM to improve the overall building operation. Additionally, Mytilineos can minimise its operational and maintenance costs through more accurate monitoring and predictive maintenance, while reducing and de-risking investments for renovations using CHRONICLE’s renovation planning services.