Kick-off meeting in Zaragoza | 13 July 2022

On the 13th and 14th of July 2022, the CHRONICLE project kicked off in Zaragoza Spain. CHRONICLE includes 19 partners from the EU and Switzerland, with activities to be carried out over 3.5 years.

Angelina Katsifaraki at HYPERTECH:

During CHRONICLE’s Kick-off Meeting in Zaragoza, we were happy to finally get to know each other, shake hands and exchange our views and interpretations of this ambitious endeavour. Through our two-days discussions, we got to dig deep into the project description, create a solid plan for our next plans and organise our work for the upcoming months. For the first year of the project, our technical activities were planned to focus on the creation of a solid foundation for the CHRONICLE system including its architecture, requirements and component specifications, having already established a list of solid business scenarios and use cases to guide our work.  

Funded principally by the EC under Horizon Europe, the CHRONICLE project aims to modernise and digitise Energy Performance Assessment, including the whole building lifecycle and making the assessment dynamic. The digital framework developed should hold value for many different stakeholders looking to motivate improvements in building performance.

Project activities comprise technical developments for the novel digital infrastructure that will be followed by demonstrations in 5 locations:

  1. Zaragoza, Spain
  2. Aspra Spitia, Greece
  3. Lusk, Ireland
  4. Herning, Denmark
  5. Massagno, Switzerland

All partners look forward to a successful and beneficial collaboration over the coming years.

CHRONICLE at the Smart Readiness Indicator joint event  | 7 March 2024 | Hybrid

CHRONICLE at the Smart Readiness Indicator joint event  | 7 March 2024 | Hybrid

The Smart Readiness Indicator joint event was a unique opportunity to discuss the smart readiness of European buildings. Expert talks featured speakers representing building professionals, asset managers, regulators, assessors and others exchanging on the building smartness streamlining. The subsequent panel discussion dealt with the technical frameworks and procedural intricacies of the SRI Audit procedure.

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