General Assembly in Athens | 1-2 Feb 2023

The consortium met for the first General Assembly in Athens on 1-2 February 2023.

Angelina Katsifaraki at Hypertech:

We were very happy and excited to co-host our first GA meeting in Athens, together with our partners from QUE and Mytilineos. As this was our first opportunity to meet face to face, after our Kick-off Meeting in Zaragoza in July 2023, the meeting provided a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the work conducted throughout the first months of the project. During the different meeting workshops, all partners provided an overview of their current progress and a detailed plan of their next steps. Given the early stage of the project, a large part of our discussions focused on the exploration of the possible implementation and usage of the CHRONICLE framework towards the definition of solid use cases.

On the other hand, our technical work focused more on the establishing of the CHRONICLE system foundation, including the design of its architecture, and the thorough planning of the project pilot activities.

It is always exciting to watch all these diverse professionals working side by side towards the accomplishment of their common goal.

CHRONICLE at the Smart Readiness Indicator joint event  | 7 March 2024 | Hybrid

CHRONICLE at the Smart Readiness Indicator joint event  | 7 March 2024 | Hybrid

The Smart Readiness Indicator joint event was a unique opportunity to discuss the smart readiness of European buildings. Expert talks featured speakers representing building professionals, asset managers, regulators, assessors and others exchanging on the building smartness streamlining. The subsequent panel discussion dealt with the technical frameworks and procedural intricacies of the SRI Audit procedure.

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